To be able to use TEXA’s innovative diagnostic tools to their maximum potential, it is important to fully understand the software behind them.

TEXA’s applications have been developed using the valuable suggestions of professional mechanics and provide immediate access to functionalities that are really useful in the workshop.

They let you perform, easily and in the most professional manner, all the operations needed for autodiagnostics, on-board diagnostics, electrical measurements, exhaust gas analysis, and air conditioning system servicing.


IDC4E’s user interface is particularly intuitive, thanks to a vertical menu that takes you directly to all the most important autodiagnostic functions: PARAMETERS, ERRORS, STATES, ECU INFO, ACTIVATIONS, SETTINGS. An Autodiagnostic Help button lets you consult detailed explanations of the various functions you can use during the course of your work, and also lets you read up detailed information on the system you are working on.

PARAMETER/STATUS screen showing the inputs and outputs
managed by the ECU, displayed in numeric format and on

           ACTIVATIONS screen with component test functions
and the possibility of a graphic report on correct function.

           SETTINGS screen, offering the possibility to run the calibration, 
           initialisation and programming functions required by the system, 
           thus completing any repairs.



           ERROR screen listing the faults/malfunctions saved in the ECU, 
           with a detailed description of each one.


In support of self-diagnosis, functions are included to access information on wiring diagrams, component cards and technical cards describing the function of the individual systems. There is also the possibility of consulting the specific mechanical data for each vehicle.

These are prepared by TEXA’s own engineers. Because they follow the same standard for all vehicle manufacturers, they are a great help in troubleshooting. While you are consulting a wiring diagram, you can also access datasheets for specific components or use the SIV function to perform oscilloscope tests using automatically selected settings.

TEXA’s extraordinary database contains specific details of all vehicles. TEXA’s technical data provides extremely detailed, model-specific information on mechanical settings, wheel alignments, tyre pressures, timing belt settings, scheduled maintenance, component locations, component testing and more besides.


Vehicle diagnostics is TEXA’s core business. To keep ahead of the competition, TEXA is committed to offering its customers the best possible coverage of vehicles in circulation.
The various teams operating in TEXA’s European subsidiaries have recently been complemented by new teams working directly in Asia to ensure prompt and accurate coverage for Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indian vehicles.
This network guarantees customers all over the world unrivalled coverage in terms of the number of vehicles covered and the quality of the coverage provided.

To find out more about the amazing diagnostic coverage of IDC4E, visit, where, you can view a complete and constantly up-to-date list of the available engines, systems and diagnostic functionalities.