In Bologna TEXA will be celebrating a fourth of a century of activity in the workshop equipment industry presenting many interesting new products for mechanics: AXONE Nemo and its interchangeable magnetic modules, TEXA & Partner Data Bases, KONFORT 744 for the refrigerant R744 (CO2), TPS2 for tyre specialists, increasing complete and essential ADAS systems, e TRUCK arrives for managing truck fleets. There are news for TEXA CARe too.

TEXA will be at Autopromotec, at Hall 14 Stand B22, with an impressive exhibition area developed on over 700 square metres with important new features for all visitors. Attending this kermesse in Bologna coincides with a very important event for TEXA that this year celebrates 25 years of activity in the automotive equipment industry. For this reason, the stand will celebrate this important date through the presentation, both graphically and in a multimedia format, all the tools that made its history and contributed to TEXA’s international success.

Following is a list of the new features TEXA will present in Bologna:

• AXONE Nemo: TEXA’s top-of-the-range tool ready for the future also thanks to the use of interchangeable magnetic modules.

• The TEXA & Partner Data Bases: as of today, the TEXA APP virtual store gives access to the best diagnosis supporting databases.

• KONFORT 744: innovative A/C station for the gas R744 (CO2).

• TPS2: the professional tool for tyre specialists available in two configurations.

• CAMERA CALIBRATION KIT: a specially made solution for all the calibration operations of the ADAS systems, even in trucks.

• e TRUCK: a miniaturised to for managing truck fleets optimally.

• TEXA CARe: increasingly closer to the needs of drivers.

The very new AXONE Nemo display unit, after the world preview that took place during the last edition of Automechanika in Frankfurt, is already in all respects a real commercial success and in Bologna it will be presented with further new important features.

More than a simple diagnostic tool, the AXONE Nemo is an “all in one” solution. It provides direct access to advanced operating software and permits the use of interchangeable modules with practical magnetic fittings that add innovative diagnostic and test functions (RH+, thermal imaging, DoIP modules, etc.). Apps in the operating environment let you select the specific data you need for a job and purchase it even individually from leading diagnostic databases. You can also access a special call centre to get remote assistance for the most sophisticated configurations and adjustments. There is even an app for subscribing to a specialist, continuous training programme that comes complete with customised insurance to protect you against claims resulting from work performed on the complex smart control systems found on modern vehicles. These new functionalities, which revolutionise the world of vehicle repair, are made possible by the unique hardware characteristics of the AXONE Nemo, which combines robust build with unrivalled processing power, high memory capacity and evolved wireless communication technology. Older diagnostic platforms were simply unable to offer this level of features.
Its unique characteristics establish the AXONE Nemo as the ultimate diagnostic tool, well ahead of anything else the market has to offer in terms of content and services. For example, the AXONE Nemo lets you access a PASS-THRU application directly from the tool.

Another world-beating feature of AXONE Nemo is the rapid installation of magnetic expansion modules to extend the device's potential and resources for measurement and control, and to keep up to date with new developments of all kinds.

Thermal imaging module
The thermal imaging module is extremely useful for accurate testing and troubleshooting. The module identifies differences in the temperatures of objects without having to come into contact with them. Simply by focusing the module’s built-in thermal imaging camera on the area concerned, you can see directly on the screen which components are functioning correctly and which are hot as a result of the passage of current. The module can be used for multiple applications, including checks on: Temperatures and air flows in the passenger compartment, Relays, Heated rear windows and heated mirrors, Heated seats, Radiators, Fuse boxes, Door seals and more.

Mini docking module
The mini docking module physically connects the AXONE Nemo to peripheral devices, permitting the transfer of all the data, information, images and reports needed in the workshop.

Ethernet BroadR-Reach and DoIP/LAN module

This module lets you connect to vehicles with diagnostics based on ISO 13400 standard, also known as DoIP (“Diagnostic over Internet Protocol”). Diagnostic operations can then be performed via a dual PC LAN and BroadR-Reach port.

TEXA has been synonymous with innovation in the automotive industry for 25 years. Determined to maintain this enviable reputation and improve continuously, TEXA has now made the mechanic’s work easier than ever. TEXA has introduced a whole new concept in diagnostic support in the form of the TEXA APP virtual store and access to world-class databases provided by TEXA and its partners.
This new approach is designed to dramatically reduce vehicle repair and servicing times by letting you customise your TEXA tool the way you want, so that essential and up-to-date information is always at your fingertips. TEXA has also re-written its software to make it easier to tailor to your own professional needs while maintaining the same speed, simplicity and professionalism for which TEXA has always been renowned. In just a few clicks, you can purchase TEXA apps written especially for garage use as well as individual modules from leading databases like Autodata and Autronica, containing repair manuals, technical information, maintenance and repair data and more besides.
This means you can now personalise the IDC5 software to meet the needs of your own business, just like a “bespoke suit”. You can also receive all the updates relevant to your own diagnostic procedures whenever new content becomes available.

The KONFORT 744 recharge station was developed in collaboration with leading German car makers and is one of the very few solutions currently available that were specially designed to service and recharge the latest air conditioning systems for R744 refrigerant (C02).
These new A/C systems differ radically in design from those intended for use with R134a and R1234yf refrigerants. Their maintenance therefore requires a dedicated solution. KONFORT 744 is fully automatic and guarantees high precision recharging, with a maximum tolerance of only 10 grams of refrigerant (and 2 grams of oil).

Special attention also was paid to the system for releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. Release takes place in a controlled manner to ensure the safety of the operator and of the system itself.
KONFORT 744 also incorporates an accurate system for measuring the concentration of CO2 in the surrounding air, and suspends charging if this approaches a dangerous level. KONFORT 744 is approved by Mercedes-Benz.

TPS2 is a new tool from TEXA that offers tyre fitters all the functions they need and guarantees complete reliability in use.
TPS2 is engineered to dialogue quickly and easily even with sensors that require particularly high power, especially during activation. A 5 megapixel HD camera with AF lets you take photos to attach to customer reports. You can even use it to read QR codes if necessary.

TPS2 is robust, fast, simple to use, and features a display large enough to let you view all the information you need on a single screen. This unique combination of features makes TPS2 the top tool for TPMS work. TPS2 communicates with the TPMS control unit via Bluetooth (Dual Mode). A Wi-Fi module also lets you connect to the internet and download software updates to expand the vehicle database or add new software functions.
TPS2 comes with a dedicated software utility for activating the tool, consulting manuals, searching for updates and running the TEXA TYRE MANAGER software.

TPS2 comes with 4 GB of internal memory and also boasts a slot for microSD cards. These can be used to save and load reports on the work done on customers' vehicles and also to ensure the efficient management of seasonal tyre changes.

The tool can communicate with sensors in two ways: manual selection and TWS2, the latest development of TEXA's TWS function (also found on TPS), faster and more effective than ever.

In stand-alone form, TPS2 lets you:
- test sensors (read ID, pressure, temperature, battery charge level, etc.);
- program universal aftermarket sensors by transferring configurations from OE sensors (SCHRADER-ALLIGATOR-T/PRO-HUF etc.). If an OE sensor cannot be read, TPS2 lets you enter its ID manually or lets you create a new sensor automatically on the basis of the selected sensor type.
- access a vast technical database and consult part numbers for OE and aftermarket sensors;
- use KEYFOB (a function that lets you diagnose the state of the vehicle remote control);
- produce REPORTS. This tool assigns a QR code to each service so that you can recall information at any time, and program a new set of sensors using the same data.

In addition to these functions, TPS2 purchased in the configuration with the diagnostic package is coupled with the NanoService diagnostic tool. This configuration lets you interface with the vehicle's TPMS control unit, read and clear errors and, when necessary, run vehicle-specific self-learning procedures to load data from newly installed sensors into the control unit.

TEXA has great news for the calibration of vehicle camera and radar systems too. The new Camera Calibration Kit comprises a set of panels for different makes of vehicle. Used in conjunction with a TEXA diagnostic tool, these panels ensure the correct calibration of all the sensors involved in ADAS systems. The software displays help text written specifically for each make/model and provides all the necessary instructions (such as panel height, distance from the vehicle, alignment, etc.). This ensures correct panel positioning and guides you through every phase in the calibration process. To provide even more assistance for calibration procedures, TEXA has also developed ADAS, a dedicated new app that facilitates the selection of the right vehicle and of the exact electronic system to calibrate. The new app provides direct access to the Camera Calibration/Radar and Park Assist functions.

The ADAS Kit is now available also for the TRUCK environment. TEXA’s solution provides precision and accuracy on driver assistance systems which includes:
- An optical control system (measuring crossbar and laser devices). This is necessary to ensure the correct alignment and calibration of the Radars manufactured by WABCO TRW and TRW / Knorr.
- Calibration panels available for various manufacturers for the calibration of the cameras.

e TRUCK is an innovative miniaturised tool that, for the first time, takes heavy duty truck workshops into a new diagnostic dimension thanks to the possibility to constantly monitor the status of the vehicle remotely, to manage the servicing from a predictive point of view and, the latest new feature, to perform adjustment functions that allow you to restore the vehicle’s optimal conditions.
e TRUCK, which is installed in the vehicle’s diagnostic socket and configured within minutes, acts as a conjunction element between the repairer and the heavy duty vehicle, helping increase customer loyalty thanks to a constant and absolutely competent assistance service.
e TRUCK represents the ideal solution even for drivers and fleet managers, as it constantly keeps them updated on the conditions of their vehicles and allows them to carry out actions aimed at reducing costs and optimising the use of the vehicles, thanks to a dedicated app and management portal.

After almost one year and a half from its launch, TEXA CARe continues to evolve in order to be as close as possible to drivers and their needs.
Starting from this year installing the device is much quicker: simply follow the instructions provided by the free App to connect and activate TEXA CARe in a few minutes. In terms of personal safety, the SOS service was split to offer customers a complete coverage: the SOS Plus service with fee allows a phone connection, in case of emergency or of an accident, with an Operations Centre that is available 24/7 and can be activated or renewed directly from the App using a credit card; the free SOS Light service allows sending a text message to two contacts previously selected by the driver and defined as “Guardian Angels”. The free App continues to grow also: after the Eco Driving and Find Vehicle functions, starting from fall 2017, the Parental Control function will be available and will allow the customer to monitor the driving style of his/her children.