At the 25th edition of Automechanika, Germany's top exhibition for the automotive industry, TEXA will unveil the latest developments for the world of vehicle repair and assistance.

TEXA, a key player in Frankfurt. At this year's Automechanika, TEXA will again be presenting a series of important new developments, not just for garages but for remote vehicle monitoring and maintenance too. TEXA's two-floor stand, covering over 650 square metres, will be at E96, Hall 8:

  • RCCS and ADAS TRUCK KIT, innovative multi-functional solutions for calibrating camera and radar systems on cars and trucks;
  • LASER EXAMINER, for measuring brake disk and tire tread wear;
  • eLight, the first ever smart system for headlight alignment, complete with electronic diagnostics;
  • REC+, for recovering contaminated refrigerants from car A/C systems;
  • DoIP Adapter for ultra-rapid diagnosis;
  • eTRUCK, a miniature device for the remote monitoring and maintenance of truck fleets, now also applicable to agricultural vehicles and earth moving machinery.

ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are designed to ensure driving safety and comfort and are becoming ever more common in vehicles of the latest generation, even in the utility segment. Functions include autonomous emergency braking, assisted speed control, lane keep assist, pedestrian and traffic sign recognition, to mention just a few. To help repair professionals work on these sophisticated active safety systems, TEXA has developed a complete range of modular and multi-brand tools that respond to the needs of users like glass replacement specialists, body-shop technicians and multi-brand garages. TEXA's solutions are designed to restore the normal functioning of ADAS systems and ensure a vast coverage of CAR and TRUCK brands, including ALFA ROMEO, FIAT, JEEP, KIA/HYUNDAI, HONDA-INFINITI, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, RENAULT, SMART, TOYOTA, IVECO, MAN, RENAULT TRUCK, SCANIA and VOLVO TRUCKS.


RCCS: multi-functional, mult-brand system for radar and camera calibration
RCCS (Radar and Camera Calibration System) is TEXA's complete, professional system for body repair shops, glass replacement specialists and multi-brand garages. The system is capable of performing all necessary radar and camera calibration operations.
RCCS comprises a robust main stand with electronic height adjustment and castoring wheels for easy movement around the workshop, an adjustment bar with a sliding reflector plate and two mirrors, two practical self-aligning clamps with an innovative wheel clamping system, laser pointers and a graduated scale for high precision vehicle alignment. This advanced technology lets you calibrate ADAS systems with great ease and absolute precision, and in compliance with the standards prescribed by the vehicle manufacturers.
RCCS is a modular system that can be integrated with TEXA's existing calibration panels, IR calibration targets and 360° camera calibration mats and permits work on ADAS systems like:

- Night vision systems
- Adaptive cruise control
- Lane departure warning
- 360 degree cameras
- Blind spot detection
- Rear collision warning
- Park assist
- Traffic sign recognition.

Calibration kit for trucks and commercial vehicles
Some truck and commercial vehicle brands also require special tools to calibrate ADAS systems like cameras, radar and adaptive cruise control sensors. TEXA's calibration solution consists of a measurement cross-beam, a set of brand-specific panels for camera calibration and the laser devices needed to ensure the correct alignment and calibration of WABCO, TRW and TRW/Knorr radar systems.
TEXA's ADAS TRUCK kit also includes a set of clamps with laser pointers, a laser for adaptive cruise control sensor calibration and an adapter mirror for WABCO radar.
IDC5 software guides you step by step through all tasks, even on vehicles that use on-road auto-calibration procedures.


The perfect complement to IDC5 software
Used in conjunction with IDC5 diagnostic software, TEXA's ADAS solutions let you complete all operations quickly and intuitively. The application provides specific diagnostic help for each brand /model, along with instructions (and parameters forpanel height, distance from the vehicle, alignment, etc.) to ensure the correct positioning of the calibration structure, and guides you step-by-step through all phases of the procedure. On completion of the calibration, you can even print out a report for your customer, showing the operations done.

The advantages of using TEXA ADAS solutions
TEXA ADAS solutions are ideal for all types of user as they let you:

  • expand your business;
  • work on the latest ADAS systems easily, safely and professionally;
  • calibrate all the ADAS systems found on board vehicles;
  • purchase the best possible combination of tools for your own working needs;
  • invest in an innovative system with sure economic returns;
  • access constant training in the form of CAR and TRUCK courses D9C and D9T.


LASER EXAMINER is a compact and practical tool for measuring brake disk wear objectively and with a precision of one tenth of a millimetre, without having to remove the wheel. With the addition of a simple adapter, the tool can also be used to measure tire tread wear.
LASER EXAMINER ensures quick and easy measurement and even lets you provide your customers with accurate reports on the “health” of their vehicle's wheels, improving your professional image and ensuring customer fidelity for the future.
This means real added value for garages and tire fitters as well as an important contribution to road safety.

Brake disk wear measurement
Motorists are placing more and more emphasis on safety and comfort. With this in mind, checking the condition of the braking system is an operation that needs to be performed regularly. LASER EXAMINER lets you measure brake disk wear quickly and easily: all you have to do is fit the tool to the disk using the magnet incorporated in the probe.
Pressing the button on the back of the tool projects a laser beam across the surface of the disk. A second click then uses the tool's miniaturised camera to capture an image for analysis.
LASER EXAMINER processes data in real time and compares it with the specified minimum value. Comparison is both numerical and optical to provide you with an instant assessment of disk wear.

Tire tread wear measurements
Tire tread wear is another factor that has to be checked regularly. Insufficient tread, as you know, makes the vehicle more unstable, increases the risk of puncture and, in the rain, increases the risk of aquaplaning and loss of control.
LASER EXAMINER comes with a special magnetic fitting that lets you measure residual tread depth in next to no time. The tool rests on the tire and projects a laser beam over the tread profile to obtain an objective measurement.

Highly professional but easy to manage service
TEXA has developed a practical software application to store and manage the information obtained from disk and tread measurements. The software can be installed on a Windows PC or on AXONE Nemo for use with LASER EXAMINER.
A simple and intuitive graphic interface lets you perform an objective test of the “wheel system” quickly and easily.
The software's menu offers a choice of three measurement options: Disk, Tire, Fast Check. The Fast Check option enables you to perform a quick check on both disk and tire wear. This is extremely useful when accepting a vehicle as it lets you provide the customer with objective evidence regarding the condition of their vehicle as it enters the workshop. You can also print out a complete report for presentation to the customer on completion of the procedure.

Ergonomic design
LASER EXAMINER's elongated, rodshape and ergonomic grip are specially designed to facilitate use even if the brake disk is difficult to access because of the shape of the alloy or steel wheel.


TEXA's new eLight headlight alignment system derives from our understanding that headlight clusters in modern vehicles are becoming ever more sophisticated and are also being integrated with other electronic components such as radar, camera and steering assist systems. In just a few years, headlights have been transformed from mechanical components into electronic systems.

eLight is the first system of its type to integrate electronic diagnostics. eLight lets you work on headlights without having to switch continuously between alignment tool and diagnostic tool, and therefore cuts the time needed to complete a job by up to 50%.
The system is available in two versions, ONE and ONE D. Both share the same hardware characteristics, but while ONE communicates with AXONE Nemo and AXONE 5 display units to perform headlight alignment tasks, ONE D features a 7 inch, TFT, colour touch screen that lets you select and activate the various components of the headlight.

Functioning is extremely simple: you just need to plug the miniature Navigator NANO S interface into the vehicle's OBD socket. Navigator NANO S then dialogues with the eLight system via Bluetooth, identifying the model of vehicle and listing all the procedures required. If headlight adjustment is required, the integrated diagnostic system automatically switches the relevant control units to “setting” mode.
eLight enables you to perform all kinds of test on modern vehicle headlights, the technology of which is constantly evolving. Thanks to an aluminium body, eLight is lightweight and can easily be mounted on a trolley. The system incorporates a Fresnel lens that is much larger than those used by our competitors (340 x 200 mm) to cater for likely increases in the size of vehicle headlights.

eLight comes with a CMOS camera and laser visor for maximum photometric precision according to the strictest specifications of vehicle manufacturers who can demand, for example, reading accuracy of +/- 0.1% vertically and +/- 0.2% horizontally. Thanks to its built-in diagnostic capacity, eLight can also analyse the additional segments found in highly evolved lighting systems like AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) and GFHB (Glare Free High Beam). Another extremely useful functionality is the ability to print activity reports on a built-thermal printer, for presentation to the customer as proof of the work completed.


REC+ is TEXA's new, patented solution for recovering contaminated refrigerants from vehicle air conditioning systems.

The device works with the fully automatic recharge stations in the KONFORT range (707R, 760R, 760R BUS and 780R BI-GAS) and guarantees the completely safe recovery of all kinds of refrigerant.

REC+ can easily be moved around the workshop, satisfies the technical, performance and safety requirements of leading car makers and permits the recovery of up to 95% of the refrigerant contained in the system.

An automatic procedure integrated in the software of KONFORT recharge stations lets you complete all necessary operations easily. At the end of the recovery procedure, you can discharge contaminated refrigerant into a tank for subsequent disposal.


DoIP (Diagnostics over Internet Protocol) is a second mode of diagnostics that is being developed in parallel with conventional CAN BUS diagnostics. It involves a new protocol for transmitting data from the vehicle to the interface. DoIP responds to the increased use of electronics in modern vehicles and to the consequently vast amount of diagnostic data that needs to be processed.

Thanks to TEXA's innovative, multi-brand DoIP Adapter, you can now perform high speed diagnostics using the TEXA diagnostic tools already present in your garage, without having to purchase a new tool. A second advantage, in addition to the obvious economic savings, lies in the fact that you can also use your existing interface and the same software with which you work daily. There is therefore no need to learn new procedures and functions.

The small adapter (only 70 mm x 120 mm x 40 mm) fits between the vehicle OBD socket and the TEXA NAVIGATOR TXTs or Navigator Nano S interface and identifies which data transmission protocol the vehicle uses. If the system uses conventional diagnostics, the adapter remains inactive and lets the NAVIGATOR interface work normally, dialoguing via Bluetooth or USB cable with the AXONE Nemo or AXONE 5 display unit or with a PC running TEXA's IDC5 software. If, on the other hand, a DoIP diagnostic system is detected, the adapter activates and functions as diagnostic interface, dialoguing with the AXONE display unit or with the PC via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection.


eTRUCK is a new product from TEXA, destined to revolutionise the world of conventional diagnostic tools. eTRUCK is a miniature device that plugs into the diagnostic socket and, after only a few minutes of configuration, offers a completely new type of service. eTRUCK permits continuous remote monitoring of vehicles and performs functions like error reading and resetting, the reading of Powertrain system engineering parameters and, for the first time ever, the control of functions like DPF regeneration to ensure that vehicles operate under ideal conditions. In the context of remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, eTRUCK offers mechanics the ability to interact with truck control units.

eTRUCK fully satisfies the needs of today's HGV and fleet management market and acts as an essential link between the workshop and vehicles on the road. By offering continuous assistance, it also maximises customer fidelity.
In addition to mechanics, the tool also provides a great solution for drivers and fleet managers, as it keeps everybody constantly informed about vehicle operating conditions. Thanks to a dedicated app and portal, eTRUCK also enables operators to take the measures needed to cut their running costs and optimise the use of their vehicles.

From today, eTRUCK can also be used in the OFF-HIGHWAY world, for the multi-brand diagnosis and predictive maintenance of agricultural and earth-moving machines.

Workshop Portal
This dedicated portal allows mechanics to: continuously and remotely monitor the status of vehicles and work on their electronic systems as if they were in the workshop, arrange ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in advance, share their appointments calendar with drivers and fleet managers, manage their entire customer base with the same software and create detailed profiles for each customer.

eTRUCK interface for drivers' smartphones
Thanks to a dedicated app, available for Android and iOS smartphones, drivers can, at any time: read their tachograph data in real time, monitor their driving style, compile the Driver’s Daily Vehicle Check & Defect Report required by law in certain countries, access vehicle data in real time, access remote diagnostics to remedy malfunctions with minimum delay and without having to drive to a workshop, and consult the maintenance calendar shared by the mechanic.


Fleet Manager Portal
Fleet managers can use this portal to: check the maintenance status and service deadlines of their vehicles, provide remote assistance for their fleet using their workshop's diagnostic and trouble-shooting functions, share a calendar of service appointments with the workshop, monitor the style of all drivers, download tachograph data and trip data, directly from the control unit and in real time.