At the 28th edition of Autopromotec, Italian's top exhibition for the automotive industry, TEXA will unveil the latest developments for the world of vehicle repair and assistance.

"The advanced solutions for tomorrow’s garages, today": with this slogan TEXA is presented in Bologna on the occasion of the twenty-eighth edition of Autopromotec. In the large exhibition space of over 700 square meters, at Pavilion 30 - Stand B6, a series of important innovations for the world of workshops will be put on display:

-    RCCS 2, TEXA's radar and camera calibration system comes in three versions;
-    KONFORT 712R, TEXA’s new mid-range offer;
-    eLight, the first smart system for headlight alignment, with electronic diagnostics;
-    DoIP NODE for super-fast diagnosis.

RCCS 2: TEXA's radar and camera calibration system comes in three versions
RCCS 2 is a complete, professional solution for all kinds of radar and camera calibration. The system comprises a robust main support with electrically powered height adjustment and a practical knob at the rear for the manual adjustment of perpendicularity with respect to the vehicle. The adjustment bar is equipped with two distance meters and a sliding reflector plate with a central laser for front radar pointing. An additional laser level at the top of the structure locates the centre of the vehicle simply by pointing at its front badge.
This advanced technology allows the system to be aligned easily, accurately and safely with respect to the vehicle and the floor. The RCCS 2 system is mounted on castoring wheels for easy movement around the workshop. RCCS 2 allows you to work independently in all phases of repair and even check ride height on cars and light commercials to offer your customers a simple, safe and highly professional service.

RCCS 2 comes in three versions: with wheel clamps; with tire clamps; with ride height control kit, CCD sensors and wheel clamps.

RCCS 2's high-performance optical alignment lets you perform all kinds of calibration work on radar and camera systems quickly and accurately. The vehicle is aligned by the lasers of two distance meters mounted on the structure's cross-beam aimed at two practical pointing bands. It is important to remember that correct vehicle alignment must be checked before all calibration work to avoid the risk of inaccurate settings, reduced safety and customer dissatisfaction. Many garages are currently obliged to call in a professional with the specialist equipment needed to check vehicle alignment, with an obvious impact on the organisation and profitability of their work. To solve this problem for garages committed to offering customers a complete and highly professional service, the RCCS 2 system with wheel clamps can be expanded and electronic CCD detectors added to check ride height and digital alignment.

By choosing an RCCS 2 with ride height control kit, you can offer customers rapid and professional service. This solution simplifies the work of aligning the vehicle with the multifunctional structure and also permits accurate checks to be made on its status.
The kit features four electronic CCD detectors with infrared sensors for installation on the RCCS 2 structure and on the wheels, using four-point wheel clamps. Thanks to the light weight of the detectors and the absence of connecting cables between the front and rear, the system is extremely practical and ensures absolute precision in measuring the positions of the vehicle's corners.
Excellent accuracy is also guaranteed by ALIGNMENT CHECK, a software application that lets you perform two types of check in a few simple steps: a quick check on the alignment of the RCCS 2 system with respect to the vehicle's thrust angle and the garage floor, and a check on wheel alignment. These checks must be completed in preparation for the next phase of radar and/or camera calibration.

These TEXA solutions help you restore ADAS functions with maximum precision according to the vehicle manufacturer's own standards, perform static and dynamic calibration, and enjoy at least 30% better CAR and TRUCK coverage than other market solutions.

The IDC5 software guides the technician step by step throughout the procedures, thanks to the dedicated help data sheets specifically developed for each vehicle. Additionally, to help understand the ADAS technology, TEXAEDU has developed D9C and D9T, two dedicated specialised training courses. If you have any doubts or questions regarding a calibration procedure, you can call TEXA's dedicated ADAS Call Centre to get a quick, competent and accurate answer that responds exactly to your needs.

KONFORT 712R, TEXA’s new mid-range offer
KONFORT 712R is TEXA’s new mid-range A/C charging station which boasts the typical technical features of the top-range models such as the automatic maintenance service management and the measuring of the amount of oil recovered with the electronic scale. The KONFORT 712R can be purchased in the R134a or R1234yf version with the option to change the configuration.

Other distinctive features of the KONFORT 712R compared to the other models in its category, is the possibility to install the Refrigerant Identifier Kit and to use it in combination with REC+, the innovative device patented by TEXA for the recovery of contaminated refrigerants from the vehicle A/C systems. Furthermore, this A/C charging station is equipped with a closed chassis that makes it extremely durable.

KONFORT 712R is the ideal solution because with a limited investment the mechanic can have a station with exclusive features and top-class performance, ensuring customers a high level of service over time.

eLight, the first smart system for headlight alignment, with electronic diagnostics
TEXA's new eLight headlight alignment system derives from our understanding that headlight clusters in modern vehicles are becoming ever more sophisticated and are also being integrated with other electronic components such as radar, camera and steering assist systems. In just a few years, headlights have been transformed from mechanical components into electronic systems.

eLight is the first system of its type to integrate electronic diagnostics. eLight lets you work on headlights without having to switch continuously between alignment tool and diagnostic tool, and therefore cuts the time needed to complete a job by up to 50%.
The system is available in two versions, ONE and ONE D. Both share the same hardware characteristics, but while ONE communicates with AXONE Nemo and AXONE 5 display units to perform headlight alignment tasks, ONE D features a 7 inch, TFT, colour touch screen that lets you select and activate the various components of the headlight.
Functioning is extremely simple: you just need to plug the miniature Navigator nano S interface into the vehicle's OBD socket. Navigator nano S then dialogues with the eLight system via Bluetooth, identifying the model of vehicle and listing all the procedures required. If headlight adjustment is required, the integrated diagnostic system automatically switches the relevant control units to “setting” mode.
eLight enables you to perform all kinds of test on modern vehicle headlights, the technology of which is constantly evolving. Thanks to an aluminium body, eLight is lightweight and can easily be mounted on a trolley. The system incorporates a Fresnel lens that is much larger than those used by our competitors (340 x 200 mm) to cater for likely increases in the size of vehicle headlights.

eLight comes with a CMOS camera and laser visor for maximum photometric precision according to the strictest specifications of vehicle manufacturers who can demand, for example, reading accuracy of +/- 0.1% vertically and +/- 0.2% horizontally. Thanks to its built-in diagnostic capacity, ELIGHT   can also analyse the additional segments found in highly evolved lighting systems like AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) and GFHB (Glare Free High Beam). Another extremely useful functionality is the ability to print activity reports on a built-thermal printer, for presentation to the customer as proof of the work completed.

DoIP NODE, for super-fast diagnosis
DoIP NODE is the multi-brand adapter developed by TEXA, which allows carrying out high-speed DoIP (Diagnosis Over Internet Protocol) diagnostic operations on vehicles equipped with an Ethernet communication BUS, a new architecture that manufacturers are beginning to implement along with the traditional CAN-BUS line.
The use of the DoIP NODE represents a great advantage for mechanics, as they do not have to replace the TEXA instrumentation they already own, but simply integrate its operation using it when the vehicle they are working on requires it.

Its reduced dimensions (70 mm x 120 mm x 40 mm) allow inserting it between the traditional OBD socket and the Navigator TXTs or Navigator Nano S interface and each time it identifies which protocol the vehicle uses.

Brief profile of TEXA: TEXA was founded in 1992 and is today a European leader in the design, industrialisation and production of diagnostic tools and devices for the remote diagnosis on vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural vehicles and marine engines. TEXA is worldwide with an extensive distribution network; through its subsidiaries it sells in Spain, France, the U.K., Germany, Poland, Russia, the United States, Brazil and Japan. Currently there are over 700 TEXA employees in the world; the manpower is young (the average age is 33), 45% have a university degree and among these over 150 are engineers and specialised technicians dedicated to Research and Development.