In a spacious, two storey display area occupying over 650 square metres at Stand 96, Hall 8, as always TEXA will be presenting a large number of important new ideas for the world of vehicle diagnostics and air conditioning, and for the constantly expanding field of telemobility, internet-connected vehicles and car sharing. 

TEXA will also have a stand in the “Tomorrow’s Service & Mobility” area, which the event's organisers have dedicated to the most innovative solutions.

In particular, TEXA will be presenting the following new products at Frankfurt: 

  • AXONE Nemo: the 12 inch tablet packed with technical innovations: the ultimate in diagnostic tools.
  • IDC5 SOFTWARE and Database access: TEXA's renowned operating software, completely rewritten and improved for faster and more intuitive diagnosis. From now on, the TEXA APP virtual store also provides access to the best diagnostic support databases.
  • KONFORT 744: the KONFORT A/C recharge station specially designed for use with the new R744 refrigerant (CO2).
  • TPS 2: the tool for tyre fitters that completes the TEXA TPMS range.
  • CAMERA CALIBRATION KIT: the TEXA solution for calibrating ADAS systems.
  • TEXA Telemobility and TEXA CARe: the complete range of TEXA solutions for Telemobility.


To develop the AXONE Nemo, the new flagship of the diagnostic range, TEXA drew on twenty-five years of experience as the trusted partner of tens of thousands of garages around the world, and tried to imagine how the mechanic's job is likely to evolve over the next few years.

AXONE Nemo boasts characteristics comparable to those of leading commercial tablets, but is equipped with powerful batteries to permit continuous use in challenging garage environments. AXONE Nemo not only performs diagnostic tests of all kinds at impressive speed, but is incredibly robust and able to withstand severe shock.

The casing is made from magnesium, a technical solution that delivers greater strength and rigidity with reduced weight. Because magnesium is also extremely efficient at dispersing heat, this unique casing permits the use of particularly powerful hardware.

AXONE Nemo boasts the most advanced technology, including an ultra-wide 12 inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 2160x1440, Gorilla Glass display, Intel® Quad Core N3160 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 250 GB of storage, dual band Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy. AXONE Nemo's generous capacitive touch screen and advanced graphic interface make using it effortless and intuitive. The latest IDC5 software, the vibrant heart of AXONE Nemo, features a completely new architecture with touch gesture technology for an even better user experience. By swiping the display downwards you can reach all the functions you need in an instant and you can even zoom in on options and content of interest.

To cater for future IDC5 developments, AXONE Nemo comes equipped with an unrivalled set of sensors including a barometer, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a compass and a light sensor. Another distinctive feature is the presence of two 5 megapixel cameras, one forward facing and one rear facing complete with flash/torch and autofocus: the perfect solution for saving and sharing images of mechanical parts and components.

Another world-beating feature of AXONE Nemo is the rapid installation of magnetic expansion modules to extend the device's potential and resources for measurement and control, and to keep up to date with new developments of all kinds. The thermographic imaging module is a great example. This lets you capture previously impossible thermal images, even on electric and hybrid vehicles, which are destined to become increasingly common in the future.

An Ethernet Broad R and DoIP/LAN module allows AXONE Nemo to connect directly to vehicles conforming to the new ISO 13400 standard (DoIP Diagnostic over Internet Protocol). AXONE Nemo was designed to dialogue with all TEXA diagnostic and measuring tools, including those in the NAVIGATOR range (Navigator NANO S, NAVIGATOR TXTs, NAVIGATOR TXBe), exhaust gas analysers (GASBOX, OPABOX, RC3, RC2), electrical measurement devices (TwinProbe and UNIProbe) and even TPS KEY in the TPMS range.



IDC5 is the latest generation of TEXA's celebrated operating system for multi-brand diagnostic tools, and another step forward in the service of working mechanics.

Thanks to major improvements in code, the new software is faster than ever and guarantees far more rapid communication with vehicle control units. The graphic interface of IDC5 was designed to resemble the latest consumer applications, simplifying and making more intuitive the various steps in maintenance and repair procedures.

On top of this, all diagnostic pages were redesigned to give a fuller view of the information most relevant to you. Even the menu was revised and is now arranged vertically.This new solution lets you scroll rapidly through all available options without ever having to change page. And a simple touch gesture is all that is needed to zoom in on the functions you want.

The extremely useful “Interactive Wiring Diagrams” function* lets you consult wiring diagrams using animations of a system's devices and an interactive map generated to show signal flows to and from the control units. Another new function lets you view and manage vehicle parameters. These can even be displayed in graphic form and can be filtered using text searches or by selecting those only of real interest.

IDC5 is constantly evolving and is open to whatever technologies appear in the near future, including, for example, those offering the possibility to select and activate diagnostic functions by voice.

*Already available for a number of BIKE and MARINE wiring diagrams and being extended with every software update.


Another important new development presented at Automechanika in Frankfurt is the option of extending the software's native diagnostic functionalities using the TEXA APP virtual store to activate a large number of applications dedicated to the world of vehicle servicing and repair.

The PARTNER APP section of the store provides direct access to leading databases of repair manuals, technical information and maintenance and repair data for all cars, light commercials and heavy trucks on the road today.

IDC5 makes diagnosis genuinely interactive, as it notifies you when new content becomes available for diagnostic procedures, for example when you select a determined vehicle. Thanks to the various databases that support diagnosis,

TEXA tools are setting ever higher standards in the world of automotive repairs. You can even customise your TEXA tool by adding important information for your own workshop activities to the vast amount of content already in existence.


The KONFORT 744 recharge station was developed in collaboration with leading German car makers and is one of the very few solutions currently available that were specially designed to service and recharge the latest air conditioning systems for R744 refrigerant (C02).

These new A/C systems differ radically in design from those intended for use with R134a and R1234yf refrigerants. Their maintenance therefore requires a dedicated solution. KONFORT 744 is fully automatic and guarantees high precision recharging, with a maximum tolerance of only 10 grams of refrigerant (and 2 grams of oil).

Special attention has also been paid to the system for releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. Release takes place in a controlled manner to ensure the safety of the operator and of the system itself.

KONFORT 744 also incorporates an accurate system for measuring the concentration of CO2 in the surrounding air, and suspends charging if this approaches a dangerous level. KONFORT 744 is approved by Mercedes-Benz.

In addition to the new 744, the KONFORT 700 range of recharge stations includes another 9 models for servicing A/C systems containing R134a and R1234yf refrigerants, already well established as market leaders for their impressive design features and precision recharging: 705R and 705R OFF ROAD (R134a), 707R (R1234yf) 710R (R134a), 720R (R134a or R1234yf), 760R and 760R BUS (R134a or R1234yf), 770S (R1234yf) and 780R BI-GAS (R134a and R1234yf).

The KONFORT range of recharge stations has won worldwide acclaim, with over 60,000 units sold in the last ten years.


To serve the tyre fitting industry, TEXA is presenting the TPS 2 tool, which was specially designed for complete, professional use with TPMS systems.

The most obvious characteristics of the TPS 2 include robustness, speed and genuine user-friendliness. The TPS 2 boasts a generous, high resolution colour display that makes reading data and using the tool easy even in bright sunlight.

A built-in Wi-Fi module also allows users to configure and connect to a network for downloading software updates and managing additional functionalities. The TPS 2 comes with Dual Mode Bluetooth for rapid communication with the TEXA interface connected to the vehicle and with a printer. This advanced connectivity also allows TPS 2 to communicate with the latest low energy TPMS sensors.

A powerful, 5 megapixel camera on the rear of the device can be used to capture images for attaching to customer reports and is also ready for other functions destined to appear in the world of tyre pressure monitoring and maintenance in the near future.


TEXA has great news for the calibration of vehicle camera and radar systems too. The new Camera Calibration Kit comprises a set of panels for different makes of vehicle. Used in conjunction with a TEXA diagnostic tool, these panels ensure the correct calibration of all the sensors involved in ADAS systems.

The software displays help text written specifically for each make/model and provides all the necessary instructions (such as panel height, distance from the vehicle, alignment, etc.). This ensures correct panel positioning and guides you through every phase in the calibration process.

To provide even more assistance for calibration procedures, TEXA has also developed ADAS, a dedicated new app that facilitates the selection of the right vehicle and of the exact electronic system to calibrate. The new app provides direct access to the Camera Calibration/Radar and Park Assist functions.


TEXA’s telemobility offering benefits from the vast know-how of a company that has always specialised in multi-brand electronic diagnostics. TEXA is a global market leader in the supply of diagnostic products to independent garages and vehicle manufacturers alike.

In 2005 TEXA launched the TMD (TEXA Mobile Diagnostic) project to permit diagnostic work normally carried out in a workshop to be performed remotely. Over the years, TEXA Telemobility devices have been progressively developed, miniaturised and rationalised using the latest technologies.

Today, TEXA Telemobility devices are used by large companies in the public and private sectors to provide internet connectivity for individual cars and complete fleets of all sizes and types.

The TEXA Telemobility range includes solutions for fleet management, devices for corporate car sharing and highly customisable products for insurance companies
TEXA Telemobility solutions are highly modular in design. They therefore respond to specific customer needs and deliver a whole range of benefits in terms of fleet diagnostics, driver and vehicle safety, management efficiency, cost reduction and ecology. 

Fleet Management

TEXA technology allows companies to manage car, van and truck fleets of any size simply and effectively. The benefits are innumerable: detailed diagnosis of the entire fleet, reduced investment risk, more efficient fleet management, cost reduction and less impact on the environment. Information is constantly available thanks to dedicated web portals. Thanks to real time information on vehicle usage, administrators can plan maintenance in advance and assess the need for preventive repair work. An Operations Centre is active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and can arrange emergency assistance in the event of an accident, theft, breakdown or driver illness.

Corporate car sharing

TEXA's innovative Car Sharing system lets users manage the availability and functionality of all unassigned company vehicles in real time. The booking system is fully automatic and drivers find the keys ready on board. Constant monitoring ensures that every vehicle is used to its full potential, delivering significant savings in fleet management.

Insurance companies

This solution enables insurance companies to greatly simplify accident management, prevent fraud, and implement driving style improvement policies. Data on fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, respect for speed limits, frequent speed variations, stops with the engine running and fierce acceleration/braking allow administrators to assess the behaviour of drivers and send them warnings or recommendations. All events of relevance to an accident are recorded and transmitted to the system administrator. Administrators can also obtain a detailed accident report containing accelerometer data, GPS positions, the angle and the severity of the impact. The system also flags up unrecognised driver alarms, the activation of inertial or vehicle movement sensors with the engine off, and the activation of geofence alarms.


TEXA CARe is an innovative device that connects your car to the internet and dialogues with drivers and automotive aftermarket operators. TEXA CARe is the result of TEXA's vast experience in multi-brand diagnostics and telemobility for large corporate fleets. This patented, miniaturised device simply plugs into the vehicle's OBD socket.

Once configured for the internet, it starts to dialogue with the various electronic control units on the vehicle. Thanks to Bluetooth and a dedicated free app, TEXA CARe dialogues with the driver's smartphone and uses it as the interface for communication with the driver, the garage and, in the event of an accident or request for assistance, with a pre-registered emergency phone number, which may be for a friend, a relative or an operations centre active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, depending on the country and the type of customer contract.

Garages that provide aftermarket services and choose to use TEXA CARe and to promote the device to their customers can access internet-based software from a PC, smartphone, tablet or TEXA tool to display the status of their customers' cars in real time and to view faults or anomalies as well as maintenance and administrative deadlines.

This innovative approach improves the trust and fidelity of customers, who feel better served and perceive the cost-saving benefits of having a mechanic who can monitor the state of their vehicle and take action before a problem becomes serious and incurs higher repair costs. The information collected by TEXA CARe can also be used to build up an effective CRM database, improving customer profiling and providing the basis for efficient, targeted marketing campaigns.

TEXA CARe is also extremely advantageous for companies operating small fleets of vehicles, who need a solution for monitoring driver and vehicle safety and controlling operating costs on a daily basis. TEXA CARe enables companies with small fleets to keep their vehicles constantly under control without having to invest in costlier and more complex solutions. By installing TEXA CARe in all company vehicles, fleet administrators can also manage maintenance and administrative deadlines more easily.