The TEXA Diagnosis Contest is Italy’s only automotive diagnostics competition for future mechatronic specialists - professionals qualified to troubleshoot and repair vehicle electronic control units. The competition is held every year at TEXA’s headquarters in Monastier di Treviso.

The competition is organised in the workshops of the new TEXA plant and is judged by a jury of leading specialists. Participants have to pass five separate tests to demonstrate a thorough theoretical and practical understanding of automotive electronic systems and their diagnosis – two aspects that are becoming increasingly important for servicing and repairing modern vehicles.


TEXA has established a dedicated Academy to teach automotive technology to teachers in public and private technical schools. TEXA takes social responsibility seriously, and this project not only serves an important professional purpose but is also a practical contribution to improving the employment prospects of young people.

The Academy project proved so interesting that a Protocol of Understanding was signed in June 2004 between TEXA and the Ministry for Education, Universities and Research with a view to:

  • Forming closer links between schools and businesses by developing teaching modules leading to professional qualifications of real interest to the labour market 
  • Developing and promoting a model of training characterised by fuller integration between theory and practice and teaching materials designed to improve both knowledge and technical skills 
  • Training technicians with a good theoretical and practical understanding plus specific skills in electronic diagnostics using the latest tools available to the automotive industry 
  • Supporting technology teachers through annual refresher courses 
  • Promoting combined school and work experience learning paths through TEXA dealers 
  • Supplying diagnostic tools complete with software, databases and technical teaching manuals 


TEXAEDU instructors can qualify teachers of technical subjects to deliver modules of the Diagnostic Specialist Programme using TEXAEDU’s own teaching methods and the tools and simulators of the Academy’s workshops.

Teachers are invited to return at regular intervals for technical update sessions on new automotive systems.

TEXAEDU’s training programme covers all aspects of repair and maintenance and is arranged in different levels to form a complete and fully integrated learning path. Courses make full use of diagnostic tools to ensure that students can apply their newly acquired skills immediately in a workshop context.