TEXA Training Centres are located in the premises of authorised dealers and equipped with the latest TEXA tools and test stations. Training Centres have fully equipped classrooms with simulators and individual work stations where TEXA trainers can deliver courses in automotive electronic diagnostics. They also have workshops where students can use the latest diagnostic tools to perform practical tests on available vehicles. Use of diagnostic tools is taught in the classroom to ensure quick and effective learning. Each course is complemented by a specific manual to help students acquire the relevant notions. Manuals are written in plain language and follow the same logic as the classroom lessons.

The TEXAEDU training programme is divided into modules so that garages can choose exactly the right course for their needs. Staff at TEXA training centres undergo regular training at TEXA headquarters to qualify them to teach the latest courses written by TEXA’s own specialist instructors. Trainers have to pass a test before they are permitted to teach any course at a TEXA training centre. A TEXA instructor is always on hand to provide support if needed whenever a training centre delivers a new course for the first time. At the end of every course, participants fill in questionnaires to evaluate content and delivery. These are collected and processed to improve future training.