The riders and staff of the Deceuninck – Quick-Step Team, one of the world most famous racing cycling team in the world, spend a lot of time on the road in the cars and buses of the team before, after and in-between races. Maintaining the hygiene is extremely important, for which the team now gets the support of Texa.
The company is active all over the world: in Spain, France, UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, United States, and many more countries, having over 200 engineers and specialists in Research and Development.
Bruno Vianello, Texa President, is proud of the new partnership: “TEXA is a company located in the Veneto region, which is home to many amazing cyclists and also I am a great fan of this beautiful sport. This makes it an honour to partner with one of the strongest teams in the world with our Air2san product. Air2san is the most modern ozonator on the market and I am happy it can contribute to the prevention activities of the team.”
The Air2san offers an exclusive procedure during which ozone is being transformed in oxygen and guarantees a correct air quality. This completely automatic sanitation can be put in the car and the bus at night when nobody is in the vehicle and can be easily switched on with just one button click.
“It’s definitely a valuable tool for the team, because the ozone destroys bacteria. In general, it’s very interesting to do it on a regular basis to maintain hygiene. Especially in the bus, where the riders spend a lot of time before, during and after races, day after day”, added Deceuninck – Quick-Step doctor Toon Cruyt.




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