TEXA maintains its unquestioned leadership of the BIKE sector (motorcycles, quads, jetskis, snowmobiles and ATVs) with the NAVIGATOR TXB Evolution interface and with the Navigator NANO S. Both tools are able to connect via Bluetooth to a PC or to the extraordinary AXONE NEMO 2 and AXONE 5


TEXA offers a complete range of extremely accurate and robust tools for exhaust gas analysis. GASBOX and OPABOX are TEXA’s exhaust gas analysers for petrol and diesel engines respectively and incorporate TEXA’s own unique and extremely accurate analysis chambers. For engine speed and temperature measurements, TEXA offers RC2 and RC3. RCM is a revolutionary motorcycle rev counter that is extremely useful for mandatory vehicle tests.


For conventional electrical measurements on BIKE machines, TEXA offers UNIProbe and TwinProbe.

UNIProbe is the more complete and advanced of the two, and incorporates six different tools in the one unit.

TwinProbe is the more economical device and combines the practicality of a wireless tool with the professionalism of UNIProbe. TwinProbe consists of a 2-channel oscilloscope and a signal generator.

TTC is a special tool for checking the tension of engine cam belts, developed to Ducati’s own specifications.


Tyre pressure monitoring represents a very important element connected to road safety.

TEXA offers two excellent solutions with which all the operations related to this field can be carried out the best way possible: TPS is the tool with basic functions for operations on tyres; TPS2 is the top-of-the-range device, specifically developed to meet all the needs of tyre specialists.