TEXA boasts an extremely wide range of diagnostic products for the Car environment, including the various versions of its famous NAVIGATOR interfaces, and the brand new AXONE Nemo display.
The MULTI PEGASO station provides an ideal solution for integrating diagnostics and exhaust gas analysis. All TEXA products are easy and intuitive to use, robustly made and equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies.
TEXA products are made entirely in Italy on ultra-modern, automated assembly lines and conform to the strictest certification standards.


TEXA’s new product in the field of measurements is LASER EXAMINER, an innovative laser profilometer to check brake disc and tyre tread wear.
On the other hand, TEXA’s interfaces UNIProbe and TwinProbe allow performing all the physical measurements that are essential for the traditional diagnosis, identifying whether the vehicle has an electrical failure.


TEXA offers a complete range of extremely accurate and robust tools for exhaust gas analysis. GASBOX and OPABOX are TEXA’s exhaust gas analysers for petrol and diesel engines respectively and incorporate TEXA’s own unique and extremely accurate analysis chambers. For engine speed measurement, TEXA offers RC2 and RC3. RC2 can take measurements by inductive clamp and piezoelectric sensor or by microphone and residual battery signal. RC3 can take measurements in the same ways, read data directly from the vehicle’s OBD socket, and function as an EOBD scan tool too.


The KONFORT range of A/C recharge and maintenance stations offers the perfect solution for all vehicle workshops. It is no coincidence that these stations set the standard for A/C servicing around the world. The KONFORT range includes dedicated stations for R134a refrigerant (the 705R, the 705R OFF ROAD and 710R), dedicated stations for R1234yf refrigerant (the 707R and the 770S), and stations that can work with both, with the addition of a retrofit conversion kit (the 720R and 760R). The 780R even has two separate circuits to let you work with both types of refrigerant at the same time.
The KONFORT 744 recharge station is one of the very few solutions currently available that were specially designed to service and recharge the latest air conditioning systems for R744 refrigerant (C02). KONFORT A/C recharge stations are protected by a long series of international patents registered by TEXA.

TPMS Solutions

AXONE S TPS and TPS are two tools that were specially designed in order to allow operators carry out all the operations related to the TPMS systems. TPS is the basic tool that TEXA offers for operations related to the tyres and features an extremely high coverage of makes and models, thus maintaining the traditional quality and solidity. AXONE S TPS is the “Plus” solution” by TEXA and allows tyre shops to carry out any operation related to the tyre pressure monitoring systems on any type of technical configuration chosen by the manufacturer.