TEXA is committed to guaranteeing your privacy

We are aware of how important the ways your information is used and shared is for you and we have always been committed to processing it in a safe and transparent manner.

For this TEXA designed AXONE VOICE with several functions to protect your privacy.

Below you will find some answers to the most common questions on how the information is processed when you use AXONE VOICE.


No. Even when the microphone is active, the system has been designed to stay in standby mode until it recognises the so-called trigger word (Hey TEXA!). The voice assistant starts listening only at this time.

In some cases, it could activate involuntarily because, for example, a sound similar to “Hey TEXA” is emitted or it is erroneously activated manually. We work constantly to improve our systems and reduce involuntary activations.

When the voice assistant is active you will notice because the device emits an audible warning and there is a visual warning on the screen.

Yes. You can decide to deactivate the microphone at any time by directly asking AXONE VOICE or clicking on the shutoff button on the device.

When you make a request, the system does not record your voice, it translates what you say into a text format and processes the information to carry out the voice command.

In particular, when AXONE VOICE detects the activation word, the voice sample is sent by your device to a language comprehension service by Microsoft that we use, which processes and converts the voice command into a text command and sends it to TEXA’s servers.

When you interact with the voice assistant some information may be collected, such as: the commands sent, the choice of the words and of the functions.
The information cannot be traced back to a physical user and is processed by TEXA in an anonymous form.

First of all, the collected information is handled in order to process and answer your requests.
Furthermore, it can be stored in an anonymous form for a maximum of two months and used to improve the voice recognition system’s functions.

No. When the face recognition function is enabled, the acquisition of the related biometric data and the authentication are only carried out by the device you are using. The biometric data is not subject to processing by TEXA.

However, you can decide to deactivate the camera at any time from your device’s settings.

To exercise your rights (provided for by the articles 12 and 15-22 of the EU Reg. 2016/679) and for any other issue regarding data processing you can write the Controller TEXA S.p.A. sending a specific claim to the following electronic mailbox: