TEXA has received many prestigious international awards over the years, in recognition of the company’s uniquely innovative character.

In the 1990s, the Axone 2000 won a GIPA award from Groupement Inter Professionnel de l’Automobile, the prestigious association of automotive professionals.

In 2006 and again in 2007, TEXA won the coveted Frost & Sullivan award for innovation, in Nice. The press release stated: "The award recognises TEXA’s superiority over its competitors and its capacity to implement new technologies. The AXONE Palmtop and AXONE Pad, which both use the innovative Google Search Appliance, are concrete examples of this. This recognition is the result of TEXA’s ability to make significant steps forward in product development and to stay well ahead of the competition”. In November 2008, TEXA’s CEO, Bruno Vianello, was named as a finalist in the Innovation section of the prestigious Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” awards.

In 2009 TEXA received once again a GIPA award, this time in the “Knowledge Diffusion” category, for its TEXAEDU training programme. The same year, the company received the Prize for Economic Development in the Veneto Region from the Union of Chambers of Commerce.

In 2009 TEXA won the Gold Medal at the Grand Prix Internationaux de l’Innovation Automobile in Paris for its OBD Log. One year later, in 2010, the company received the Innovation Award from the German Minister for Transport at Automechanika Frankfurt for its OBD MATRIX tool.

In 2011, TEXA won the “Galeria de Innovacion” award in Madrid.
On the 14th June 2011, Bruno Vianello was presented with the coveted National Innovation Prize on behalf of TEXA by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, at the Quirinale Presidential Palace.

At the 2013 Autopromotec Exhibition in Bologna, TEXA’s CEO Bruno Vianello was presented with the famous “Premio della Stampa” press award by a jury of specialist journalists. This award is given to Italian businessmen who achieve distinction “for their achievements and for their continuing commitment to and belief in the cultural wealth of their native region”.

2013 ended with reception of the international "Golden Key" award for equipment manufacturers and suppliers to vehicle workshops in the Russian Federation.

In 2014 TEXA swept awards on an International level:
it was awarded the 1st prize in two of the seven categories of the prestigious Innovation Award at Automechanika Frankfurt.
It also won the Automotive Innovation Award in Ireland, the German Beste Profi Werkstatt-Marke and the “Golden Wrench” award at the MIMS Fair in Moscow.

In 2015 TEXA was awarded by MIT Technology Review (Italian edition) as one of the ten most “disruptive” Italian companies.

In 2016 TEXA was awarded with the Frost & Sullivan Award for the Automotive sector, in 2018 and 2019 with the PTEN Award in Las Vegas, for AXONE Nemo and eTRUCK products.