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Access guaranteed even on vehicles of the French manufacturer equipped with an information protection gateway module.
Renault has recently introduced on some of its models a gateway module for data protection that should serve to block any attempt of data tampering or theft, but actually prevents independent vehicle repairers from being able to access the adjustment and coding functions needed for the repairs.
However, by using TEXA’s diagnostic solutions, this limitation is no longer a problem. In fact, it is possible to unlock the gateway and proceed with the normal diagnosis in a completely safe, legal and professional way. In order to unlock the vehicle you must simply register on the website, purchase a token (USB flash drive) and download a dedicated application, in addition to owning a Navigator TXTs vehicle interface able to operate in pass-thru mode.
Along with the token, the mechanic also receives a user ID and a password to use to access the vehicle unlock functions. To proceed with the diagnosis just connect the token to one of the USB ports on AXONE NEMO 2*, connect the latter via cable to the Navigator TXTs interface and launch the application. When it is confirmed that the gateway is unlocked, the TEXA diagnosis can be used as usual without any limitation.
*the Renault token can also be used with PCs or AXONE Nemo.




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