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The brand-new device is the perfect way to sanitize vehicles and the work environment. Completely automatic, it is the only device available on the automotive market today that reconverts the ozone into oxygen at the end of the procedure to guarantee complete safety for both operators and customers.

The theme of sanitization is ever more dominant and fundamental and the automotive sector is no exception. Garages, dealers, car hire firms, taxi companies, road and maritime transport companies, fast-fit centres, car washes, petrol stations and all activities associated with the use of vehicles or work environments in general must immediately be able to offer their customers a sanitization service.
In a panorama characterised by many improvised products, TEXA has responded to this new necessity with the AIR2 SAN, an innovative device wholly designed and constructed in Italy in the company’s headquarters at Monastier di Treviso.

The AIR2 SAN stands out from other products present on the market for a number of exclusive features, including the procedure that transforms the ozone into oxygen at the end of the sanitizing cycle, guaranteeing correct air quality values of the vehicle before returning it or of the work environment, safeguarding both operators and customers.

The exclusive strong points of the AIR2 SAN are:
1. Completely automatic sanitizing process
2. Fitted with a Dust Filter filter and O₂ catalyser
3. Fitted as standard with ozone, temperature and humidity sensors
4. Reconverts the ozone into oxygen at the end of the procedure
5. Compatible with the AXONE Nemo display unit
6. At the end of the service, a report can be printed for the customer.
How the AIR2 SAN is used
It is activated from outside the vehicle by a practical remote control or the free APP to be installed on your smartphone and proceeds to sanitize the vehicle interior rapidly and completely automatically. All the operator has to do is wait for the end of the process, as the ozone, humidity and temperature sensors enable the AIR2 SAN to automatically identify the correct saturation level. When the green light appears on the display or the indication appears on the APP, the vehicle will be ready to be returned to the customer, without requiring any further operation.
The AIR2 SAN works in three phases:
PHASE 1 – An electrostatic discharge transforms the oxygen (O₂) inside the vehicle into ozone (O₃), with precise, uniform and controlled distribution (not by just a simple timer). The efficiency and safety of this phase is further improved by a Dust Filter in the intake, which prevents dust from reaching the ozone generator. This extends the working life of the generator and eliminates the risk of accidental production of hazardous nitric acid which could be generated if particulate enters the transformation chamber.
PHASE 2 – The actual disinfection. During this phase, on the basis of the data provided by the sensors, the AIR2 SAN microprocessor maintains the ideal amount of ozone and determines how long it should remain inside the vehicle to eliminate moulds, fungi, viruses and bacteria as specified by medical standards. This automatic procedure also eliminates all risks of human error.
PHASE 3 – Unlike numerous competitor products present on the market, the TEXA sanitizing process incorporates a reverse cycle to transform the residual ozone back into oxygen, thanks to a special catalyser. High concentrations of ozone gas are, in fact, harmful and guaranteeing a minimum concentration before the vehicle or work environment is returned is essential. This safeguards the health of not just customers, but also operators, particularly exposed every time they open a vehicle after sanitization.
AIR2 SAN with AXONE Nemo
The workshops and repair professionals that already use AXONE Nemo can use it as a display unit also, taking advantage of its large screen to follow the various phases of the sanitation process clearly. The integration between AIR2 SAN and AXONE Nemo is free, it is sufficient to have a tool with an updated version of the IDC5 software.
The free AIR2 SAN APP
The AIR2 SAN can also be controlled by means of a dedicated free APP downloadable for both iOS and Android systems. The APP can control the progress of the process step-by-step, with a log of the operations performed and, extremely important, generate a printable PDF document certifying correct sanitization of the vehicle.
AIR2 SAN also for work environments
AIR2 SAN is also perfect for sanitizing hotel rooms, bars, waiting rooms, offices and other premises in general. Here too, operators can benefit from the completely automatic operation, as all they need do is launch the AIR2 SAN using the APP and wait for sanitization to finish. Thanks to its sensors, the AIR2 SAN will identify the correct quantity of ozone to distribute. Reconversion of the ozone into oxygen at the end of the procedure is essential to avoid an irritating environment or unpleasant odour when the room is occupied again.


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