Thanks to the IDC5 BIKE software and to the Navigator TXB Evolution vehicle interface, the network of dealerships and authorised workshops can carry out advanced maintenance activities on all their motorcycles.

The prestigious collaborations in the two-wheeler world continue. In fact, TEXA has signed other three agreements for the official supply of its bike diagnosis, respectively with Rieju, Vent and Wottan Motor. According to the agreement, the network of dealerships and the authorised workshops of these brands will use the IDC5 BIKE diagnostic software and the Navigator TXB Evolution vehicle interface to locate and repair malfunctions, as well as to carry out the usual control and maintenance procedures on the on-board electronics.

These new partnerships add to the ones already active with Arrow Exhaust, AJP, Benelli Q.J., Betamotor, Bimota, Brough Superior, Ducati, Fantic Motor, F.B. Mondial, MGK Hellenic Motor, Moto Morini, MV Agusta, SWM, SYM Italia, Padana Sviluppo that confirm the absolute primacy in the industry of diagnostics dedicated to motorcycles. In 2001, in fact, TEXA was the first company to commit to motorcycles, predicting the increasing importance that control units would have in this field. Since then, it has produced over 20,000 diagnostic tools intended for vehicle manufacturers and the independent market.

Mario Giacomella, TEXA Bike and Marine Product Manager:
“Rieju, Vent and Wottan Motor are solid and well-known brands in the two-wheeler world. The fact that even they have chosen TEXA as an official supplier means that our work and the developments we pursue every day have great value. The bike diagnostics field is constantly evolving and, today, more than ever, tools such as ours are essential in order to detect errors, adapt the control units, activate the components, perform adjustments and much more.”


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