TEXA news: here is AXONE NEMO PLUS and LIGHT

Two new versatile, powerful and robust tablets make their debut which, together with AXONE VOICE, make up a complete and modern range.

AXONE NEMO PLUS offers an unrivalled diagnostic experience. Its robustness and reliability ensure a hassle-free use, besides a greater durability than a conventional tablet. Thanks to its unique features, it is the ideal tool to improve the efficiency and expand the possibility to operate on any type of vehicle.

AXONE NEMO PLUS is equipped with the Windows 11 operating system for an unprecedented operability. The Intel® N100 processor, the 16 GB RAM and the 250 GB SSD storage guarantee extraordinary performance and an instant response speed.

Thanks to the latest-generation Wi-Fi, it can connect to the company’s Internet network to view online contents. The Bluetooth® 5.3 module provides the flexibility of a rapid connection to the TEXA vehicle interfaces. With the built-in camera, it is very easy to capture every detail of the maintenance operations at any moment, to create reports that can be handed over to customers, or technical photos that can be rapidly sent to the technical assistance.

A display with a view, on all diagnostics
AXONE NEMO PLUS has a high-contrast ultra-wide 11.6-inch display, with a 1920×1080 pixel resolution. This solution offers a unique and complete viewpoint on the advanced diagnostic functions in the IDC5 software. The wide screen guarantees an optimal display of the diagrams and technical data, providing full visual support for diagnostic and repair operations. The reactive touchscreen allows a smooth navigation between the applications, further simplifying the job. Tailor-made for vehicle repairers, AXONE NEMO PLUS takes the diagnostic and repair experience to a higher level, providing clarity, reliability and uncompromising performance.

The magnesium body
The magnesium body, which has always been a feature of the NEMO display units, offers robustness, lightness, and a hassle-free use in the harshest work environments. Moreover, its compliance with the MIL-STD 810G (transit drop test) military standard confirms its resistance also in extreme conditions.

These features, along with the careful design of its internal elements, guarantee an optimal level of thermal dissipation, to manage complex and extended diagnostic sessions successfully.


AXONE NEMO LIGHT was specifically designed for the severe automotive industry environment, integrating optimal functions to face the specific challenges of the industry. With a compact and reinforced design, this device is distinguished by its reliability and practicality, thus guaranteeing optimal performances in any situation.

Equipped with advanced technology, AXONE NEMO LIGHT guarantees high-level performances, essential for a continuous use in the workshop.

Its operating system, Windows 11 Enterprise, is driven by an Intel N100 Quad Core processor, all displayed in a 10.1” bright display. Furthermore, it has 8 GB of RAM, optimal to manage the performances of the calculation system, and a 250 GB memory, which offers sufficient space to file data and applications. Connectivity is guaranteed by the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.2 modules, with quick and reliable access to the networks and tools.

Reinforced structure in a compact casing
AXONE NEMO LIGHT was designed and built to satisfy any need in every context of use. Its special latest generation reinforced body makes it suitable for a large range of interventions, which extend from automotive workshops to shipyards, from maintenance activities on off-highway vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles to two-wheelers. Its compact size guarantees practicality and mobility in various work situations or operative contexts. There are no limitations, thus assuring versatility and reliability in any circumstance.

Rapidity, a family matter
AXONE NEMO LIGHT, just like its “big brothers” PLUS and VOICE, has a very powerful operating core that allows it to reach calculation speeds 30% higher compared to the previous generation*.

The diagnostic environments load in a second and the function can be launched with a simple touch. The processor, the powerful battery and the operating system chosen for AXONE NEMO LIGHT work together to guarantee optimal autonomy during a working day.

Not only does their synergy optimise the device’s performances, but it also guarantees reliable and long-lasting operation in any context. This combination means that AXONE NEMO LIGHT is always ready to face diagnostic challenges with efficiency and precision.

* internal TEXA tests, NEMO LIGHT versus NEMO MINI.

Multi-touch capacitive display
Thanks to the 10.1” high-contrast multi-touch capacitive display with a 1920×1200 pixel resolution, AXONE NEMO LIGHT offers an extraordinary useability and a detailed control on all the operations that must be completed.

Furthermore, the visual clarity and richness of details allow examining the data with precision and make navigating through the various functions easier, contributing to a more efficient and accurate diagnostic process.

Its state-of-the-art technology allows interacting with the interface in an easy and more fluid way, offering an intuitive and captivating user experience to face work precisely and efficiently.


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