The perfect charge with R1234yf, in any situation.

The first new feature by TEXA for 2021, in the vehicle A/C system maintenance and research field, is KONFORT 707R OFF ROAD.
It is an essential station, evolved from a constructive and functional point of view, which allows simple and efficient operations on vehicles equipped with the R1234yf gas refrigerant and gives its best on uneven floors, but also in outdoor use.
It is, in fact, equipped with two oversized rear wheels, filled with a special anti-puncture foam, and a front metal bar that increases its stability during use considerably. Another expedient added is the scale locking system that prevents the loss of calibration due to sudden bounces.
KONFORT 707R OFF ROAD carries out the maintenance in a completely automatic way and is equipped with a special dryer filter that allows performing up to 300 consecutive services.

The station records all the services carried out so that the data on the operations completed is always available. It is fitted for the installation of the Refrigerant Identifier Kit.



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