Many new products in Bologna dedicated to the world of repairs, to celebrate the constant growth of an Italian company that has been able to establish itself in the world thanks to the quality of its products.

TEXA will be present at the 29th edition of Autopromotec – the international biennial of automotive equipment and after-sales – with a large exhibition space covering over 700 square meters featuring important innovations. Participation in the Bologna event coincides with the first 30 years of activity, an additional opportunity for all customers and enthusiasts to see and try out the new solutions dedicated to garage equipment and telematics.

TEXA was founded in 1992 from a great intuition that allowed anticipating a true radical change: the introduction of electronic components in vehicles, a trend that shortly after would have become the new standard in the automotive industry. This ability to constantly look ahead, anticipating the needs of repair professionals worldwide, today is still the main reason of the success of this company.

Thirty years of research, development, design, production. A goal that proves the continuous and constant growth of an Italian reality that managed to stand out worldwide thanks to the quality of its products, dedicated to garage equipment, and to its attention towards customers.

In Hall 30 – Stand B6, many innovations dedicated to the world of workshops will be presented, including:

  • Diagnosis ADAS:
  • CCS 2 Dynamics, the first transportable multi-environment solution.
  • RCCS 3 BT, the top- of-the- range solution, now with Bluetooth distance measurers.
  • Multi-level diagnosis, TEXA’s approach to diagnosis.
  • Headlight analysis:
  • eLight ZERO, the entry-level digital headlight tester.
  • Maintenance on A/C systems:
  • KONFORT 770S TOUCH, developed according to German manufacturers’ specifications.
  • TXR ID, the new portable refrigerant identifier.
  • Measurements:
  • LASER EXAMINER 2, integrated with the YAP cloud platform, now also compatible with iOS
  • Emission analysis:
  • GASBOX 2, the updated version of the exhaust gas analyser.
  • NP 01, particle counter for compressionignition vehicles.



CCS 2 Dynamics, the first transportable multi-environment solution.

CCS 2 Dynamics is the transportable solution by TEXA for the calibration of cameras on cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles. It is compact, stable, and can be easily disassembled and transported in a small-sized van. It can be configured in two versions dedicated to the CAR and TRUCK environments, with specific accessories.

The Bluetooth distance measurers, capable of communicating directly with the IDC5 software, guarantee a correct positioning through a guided procedure. CCS 2 Dynamics is equipped with 4 castor wheels that guarantee a fast positioning, and it can be stabilised thanks to its practical feet.

In the CAR configuration it can be adjusted in height, longitudinally and horizontally. In the TRUCK version, it can be adjusted horizontally and axially.

The CAR configuration can be completed with two alignment modes: optical, by purchasing clamps, selecting between the tyre or rim version and based on the thrust angle, in combination with the toe and thrust axis check kit. The configuration can be changed easily and quickly.


RCCS 3 BT, the top- of-the- range solution, now with Bluetooth distance measurers.

For the calibration of radars, lidars, cameras and sensors, TEXA designed and engineered RCCS 3 BT, a top-of-the range solution available in two versions: RCCS 3 BT with Monitor and RCCS 3 BT with Panels. The new Bluetooth distance measurers, capable of communicating directly with the IDC5 software, guarantee a correct positioning through a guided procedure. The positioning is ever more fast, simple and efficient. Both guarantee vast possibilities of use because they are simple, quick, precise and can be used both with the toe and thrust axis check kit, and in optical alignment mode.

Two versions, two types of approach to work but one result: maximum safety for drivers and for the operators who perform the calibrations thanks to the great ease of use and precision of RCCS 3 BT. The ADAS solutions by TEXA can be used in combination with the other optional devices, so to intervene fully on other driver assistance electronic systems.


MULTI-LEVEL DIAGNOSIS, TEXA’s approach to diagnosis

The multi-level diagnosis is the answer given by TEXA to the increasing complexity in the world of diagnosis.

A new approach that allows repair technicians to carry out all the operations, even on particularly recent vehicles or in case of locks set by the manufacturers.

Regardless of the operation to carry out, the vehicle repairer can benefit from an assistance service specific for every need.

The diagnosis can be represented as a multi-level pyramid, the base of which is made up by the multi-brand diagnosis and its peak is the remote control. Furthermore, in case of repairs, different paths can be followed. Request and purchase subscriptions directly from the diagnostic tool, use and sharing of API/SDK, new ways to contact technical support (VOIP calls), appropriate services and forms of payment to manage the pay per use modes, are only some of the elements that add to TEXA’s Multi-level Diagnosis and make it easy to access and use.

Specific assistance and functionality for every need

TEXA’s offer considers a series of essential factors for vehicle repairers: the degree of complexity and the type of diagnostic operations, the possibility to operate even if there are gateway or control unit locks imposed by the manufacturers and the possibility to receive remote assistance.

Multi-Brand Diagnosis
The multi-brand diagnosis is at the root of the concept of Multi-level Diagnosis by TEXA: it includes, other than the database, software updates and all the support services.

Authenticated Diagnosis
The authenticated diagnosis represents the second level and, thanks to the collaborations with vehicle manufacturers, allows unlocking the gateways* or the control units inhibited by the manufacturers. This function is perfectly integrated in the IDC5 software, so to guarantee users a consistent experience without elements of complexity.

Pass-Thru & Remote Diagnosis
The peak of the multi-level concept extends to the remote control of the diagnosis itself that declines in two possible options:

Pass-Thru Assistance**, service offered by TEXA to support vehicle repairers throughout all the phases of use of the OE diagnostics, from the registrations to the portals of the manufacturers up to the execution of a certain operation.

Info Connect, a service that TEXA offers for all repair technicians to complete certain operations that are still not available in software updates or that may be unusually complex for the workshop’s everyday activity.

* FCA available with subscription to TEXA SECURITY ACCESS. Renault and Dacia gateway unlock function accessible with a TEXPACK CAR subscription. Other makes will be released during 2022.
** The service will be released during the second semester 2022.



eLight ZERO, the entry-level digital headlight tester.

eLight ZERO is the new entry-level digital headlight tester by TEXA, developed for inspection centres, body shop mechanics and vehicle repairers. It is able to interact with the MCTCNet2 networks* via LAN and with a thermal printer (optional). Thanks to the generously sized Fresnel lens (340×200 mm), it adapts to voluminous and irregularly shaped headlights guaranteeing the execution of all the checks related to the headlights that equip the vehicles. It has a lithium battery, a 5.7” colour TFT touch display and an aluminium unit transportable on wheels that make it practical and light.

Measurable light sources:
Halogen, Xenon, LED, Laser
* MCTCNet2 approval release in progress



KONFORT 770S TOUCH, developed according to German manufacturers’ specifications

KONFORT 770S TOUCH implements exclusive technological solutions in compliance with the specifications imposed by German vehicle manufacturers in terms of safety, reliability and performances related to the R1234yf refrigerant gas. The tank is positioned on a robust electronic scale, with a safety system that prevents alterations of the calibration during transport. KONFORT 770S TOUCH is equipped with an automatic leak check system, combined with Class 1 EN837 certified pressure gauges. The components use have exceptional features and guarantee an efficiency of the recovery of the refrigerant above 95%.


TXR ID, the new portable refrigerant identifier (available on the market from October 2022)

TXR-ID is the new portable refrigerant identifier that allows identifying the type of gas, R134a or R1234yf in the vehicle or in the tank for recharging and checking its pureness. This device, thanks to the activated carbon filter designed by TEXA, allows an accurate analysis that is not compromised by external factors. Using TXR-ID guarantees carrying out an A/C system recharging service properly, eliminating risks and the costs caused by using a refrigerant that is not appropriate. Furthermore, the software interface with guided procedure, the 5.4” touch screen display and the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules allow completing all the operations easily, quickly and automatically.



LASER EXAMINER 2, integrated with the YAP cloud platform, now also compatible with iOS

It is a practical small-sized laser profilometer that allows measuring the vehicle brake disc wear with an accuracy of one-tenth of a mm, without having to remove the wheel. Other than this measurement, using a simple adapter, it is also possible to check the tyre tread wear. LASER EXAMINER 2 carries out both checks quickly and easily; it allows providing customers with an accurate report on the “state of health” of their vehicle wheels, ensuring a professional assistance service and fostering customer loyalty. The APP for LASER EXAMINER 2, compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems, allows using the tool directly from a smartphone or tablet.



GASBOX 2, the updated version of the exhaust gas analyser.

GASBOX 2 is the updated version of the exhaust gas analyser for petrol, LPG, methane engines equipped with the analysis chamber designed by TEXA, now ever more performing. It is equipped with a trolley that allows moving it easily around the workshop. To guarantee a better dynamic of use, other than the traditional socket for a direct connection to the mains, GASBOX 2 can be combined with Power Pack, a practical extractable module that can be charged separately. This solution allows having one or more batteries charged and always ready for use.


NP 01, particle counter for compression-ignition vehicles.

NP 01* is a particle counter developed using a DC (Diffusion Charging) sensor to measure the particles emitted from the engines within a size range between 230 and 200 nm.

The high-efficiency DC technology allows reaching high measuring standards and makes this device suitable for any need in inspection centres. NP 01, robust and vibration-resistant, integrates a 5” touch screen display for a fast management by the user and a Wi-Fi interface to communicate with the viewer software. NP 01 is already arranged to run tests on spark-ignition engines, the next step for this type of checks, and is compliant with the requirements provided by the Dutch and German regulations.
* Product not in the list price for the Italian market.


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