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Since 2002, over 60,000 devices have been produced for the diagnosis on industrial vehicles and commercialised worldwide. Another great result achieved thanks to a constant activity in research and development on heavy-duty vehicles.

Yet another important result for TEXA regarding the garage equipment: this year, it celebrates its first 20 years in the industry of multi-brand TRUCK diagnosis. A long path made of projects, intuitions, and great commercial successes, which allowed the company to stand out as a reference point for mechanics worldwide. It was also thanks to a constant activity in research and development carried out on industrial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, buses, small trucks, trailers and semitrailers, by a well-established team of developers, validators, editors and product support personnel. Over 20 years, more than 60,000 diagnostic devices have come out of the production lines: a number that is constantly increasing and testifies to the success obtained in this field. It all began in 2002, at Transpotec in Verona, a trade fair dedicated to transport and logistic services, with the very first presentation to professionals of diagnostics on the braking system in an industrial vehicle. The many positive feedbacks received were the first indicator of the great potential inherent to the market of industrial vehicles. From that moment on, TEXA decided to continue down that road in a structured way and give life to a new development project. With the first TEXA solution, operators are able to interpret only the errors indicated by the control unit. However, with the successive developments, they will be able to delve deeper into ever more advanced functions, such as reprogramming. Even the software grows constantly over time and has reached the coverage of over 200 makes. It is important to highlight also the integration with user friendly graphic solutions such as the dashboards, which allow studying the vehicle’s engineering parameters in real time. Then, along with the diagnostic tools, TEXA starts developing also a pack of training courses for mechanics and a call centre service to provide continuous assistance. These services achieve resounding success, so much so that over the years they have become a must even for competitors, and still are one of the advantages of the TRUCK offer by TEXA. “In 2002, the choice of investing in the diagnosis dedicated to heavy-duty vehicles may have seemed a gamble. Today, after 20 years, I can proudly say that our efforts have been fully rewarded – says Bruno Vianello, TEXA President. We have implemented massive activities of research and development, aimed at studying in depth the evolution of trucks, first in Italy, then in Europe and outside Europe, reaching a position of global leadership”.



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