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The new illustration by the Veronese Maestro is dedicated to AXONE VOICE, the first hands-free diagnostic tool, which has already amazed the market thanks to its original features.

An astronaut girl is in outer space, in her spaceship, in zero gravity but ready to perform a diagnosis with a futuristic tool, without using her hands. It could be the beginning of a sci-fi movie, but we are talking about the new TEXA calendar for 2023 by Milo Manara and dedicated to AXONE VOICE, the top-of-the-range diagnostic tool officially presented in September, at the last edition of Automechanika in Frankfurt.

The calendar is also the ideal continuation of the illustration that celebrates the thirty years of TEXA, in which the protagonist is looking at a constellation in the sky that forms the number 30. This time the illustration goes beyond the stars and reaches outer space, in a sort of technological journey that reflects the evolution of a company that started in 1992 and never stopped, always looking for innovative solutions for the automotive industry.

The latest one is AXONE VOICE, a powerful hands-free diagnostic unit that introduces original features for the world of multi-brand diagnosis, such as the voice control, the user face recognition, the possibility to access vehicles in passthru and the gateway unlock, which are essential to be able to operate on latest-generation vehicles.

Moreover, after filling out a form with the requested data, an electronic copy can be downloaded at the following link

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