For the long-awaited appointment with the German event dedicated to the automotive industry, TEXA presents a world preview of the new top-of-the-range AXONE VOICE tablet and the entry level KONFORT TOUCH stations. Many other news in the large exhibition space at Stand E96, Hall 8.

Automechanika Frankfurt restarts and TEXA returns with lots of news dedicated to repair professionals. In the large exhibition space, developed on two floors for a total of over 650 square meters, at Hall 8 – Stand E96, a series of innovative solutions designed for the world of workshops will be presented, among which absolute novelties such as:


During this period, we are assisting an epochal change in automotive diagnosis.

More and more, even independent multi-brand workshops can “work” as if they were a centre authorised by the vehicle manufacturer. Thanks to the new European regulations, in fact, they can access the diagnosis protected by the manufacturer (Secure Gateway) for certain needs.

With AXONE VOICE this possibility will be super guaranteed by a hardware and software specifically designed for this purpose.

AXONE VOICE is not only a technological change: it was thought, designed and built to be essential when facing the diagnosis on new generation vehicles.


The AXONE 2000, AXONE NEMO and NEMO 2 display units have been the most sold diagnostic tools with the TEXA brand and have surely contributed to write its history.

Today TEXA, with AXONE VOICE, revolutionises the multi-environment and multi-brand diagnosis with the explosive strength and technology accumulated in over 30 years of experience in the garage equipment industry.

It is the first display unit in the world to implement the exclusive voice control function, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, that intervenes to support repair technicians while they carry out the operations.

It is also the first tool dedicated to workshops that uses face recognition to safely identify who is using it, unlocking a series of exclusive functions to access the protected diagnostic functions provided by the manufacturer.

AXONE VOICE is 2 in 1: workstation for the connection with the manufacturers and portable for the multi-brand diagnosis

Up to today, to download the manufacturer software programs and carry out the PassThru and authenticated diagnoses, a powerful workstation was needed, capable of downloading a large amount of data. Now the same operations can be carried out directly from AXONE VOICE because it uses a powerful board able to manage several functions simultaneously and to download very heavy files.

With AXONE VOICE you make a single investment and you do not need to also purchase a workstation, this is why it is a 2 in 1 product.

Full compatibility with the requirements by the manufacturers thanks to:

  • WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM, as required by the vehicle manufacturers
  • CPU and MEMORY (DISC AND RAM) at the top of the category for their performances
  • DISPLAY RESOLUTION above any requirement


“Hey TEXA”: with the voice assistant everything becomes quicker and easier.

You can address your AXONE VOICE and ask it to identify the vehicle with the VIN Scan, launch an automatic scan on the control units, search for an engine code, start a diagnosis, view a certain parameter close-up thanks to a dedicated pop-up window, view wiring diagrams, bulletins, technical sheets, mechanical data, contact the call center and much more.

You do not have to touch the tool, simply say “Hey TEXA” and the command you need.

But this is not it! AXONE VOICE is proactive because it spontaneously guides you through the diagnostic activities: after the selection or after the vehicle scan, AXONE VOICE directly suggests the services available, making the diagnosis work easier and quicker.

What can you do with your voice? More than you think.
The great experience acquired by TEXA in the repair field translates into deep knowledge of the multi-brand and multi-environment diagnostic procedures. AXONE VOICE can tell you what to do in any situation, even in the one in which specific safety requirements are needed, both for the vehicle and for you.

Some examples:
Vehicle identification with VIN
“Hey TEXA, identify my vehicle”.
Vehicle identification with Engine Code
“Hey TEXA, search engine code”.
TGS3s control unit scan:
“Hey TEXA, scan the control units”.

During your voice interaction, AXONE VOICE suggests the most appropriate functions for your needs, such as:

Starting a diagnosis:
“Do you want to start a diagnosis?”
Mechanic: «Yes» «No».
Secure GateWay unlock:
“The vehicle is protected by SGW, do you want to proceed with the unlock?”
Mechanic: «Yes» «NO».
Simply look at it and AXONE VOICE unlocks

AXONE VOICE allows a safe and intuitive recognition function, which can be used to unlock the tool and to activate various functions among which the authentication required in the diagnosis of the manufacturers.


The diagnosis and database are on the big screen

AXONE VOICE is equipped with a 13.3″ multi-touch screen, one of the biggest among the display units on the market with a maximum resolution of 2560×1600 pixels.

It guarantees optimal visibility in any conditions of use and at longer distances compared to traditional tablets, without interfering with the repair activities.

Multi-environment, multi-brand: you have everything you need

One of the keys to TEXA’s success is surely its ability to develop diagnostic solutions following a multi-environment and multi-brand logic.

AXONE VOICE can be used, at its full potential, to complete precise and thorough activities on cars, trucks, motorcycles, agricultural and construction vehicles, boats. It always guarantees unlimited flexibility and can work for many consecutive hours, even in extreme conditions.

Exceptional equipment

AXONE VOICE is equipped with two 8 MP cameras, one in the front and one in the back.

The first one is used for the face recognition, the second one is more useful during remote assistance to allow the TEXA Call Center to see in real time the conditions of the vehicle, even to check its correct positioning during the ADAS calibration.

Magnetic Docking

You can expand the connectivity of AXONE VOICE with four 3.0 USB sockets, essential for connecting for example to the VCI for the PassThru diagnoses, o to other external devices such as a keyboard, a printer, etc.


A practical ergonomic and adjustable handle useful to transport AXONE VOICE, to fasten it to the vehicle’s steering wheel or to lay it onto irregular surfaces maintaining an optimal visibility of the monitor by repair technicians.

Cart with a tilting shelf

It is useful to hold and keep AXONE VOICE charged when it is connected with the vehicle manufacturer portals. The auxiliary cooling fan in direct contact with the magnesium case favours keeping it cooled when used for long periods of time.

For further information visit the page AXONE VOICE Privacy – TEXA.





The great experience of TEXA in the vehicle A/C service and recharge field has given birth to KONFORT TOUCH, a range of charging stations characterised by exceptional manufacturing quality, designed for all the A/C service operations on vehicles that use refrigerant R134a and R1234yf. In addition to the models already available, 720, 760, 760 BUS, 770, 780 BI-GAS, there are now also the 707 (also available in the OFF-ROAD version), 710 and 712 stations with a 7” multi-touch screen display.

The interface is designed to provide all the necessary information in a single screen; this way, users can have direct access to the most useful operations. In next to no time, you will move from the initial station activation phases to carrying out the service. The menu, which can be browsed really easily, makes the most of the large display and minimises the “steps” required to start a charging service. Moreover, the search mode “Smart selection by model” allows you to find the vehicle you are working on by simply entering one or more keywords.

The great ease of use of the KONFORT TOUCH range and its smart approach also lie in the possibility to use the Wi-Fi connectivity for a series of activities, such as:
– printing reports in A4 format;
– receiving software and firmware updates in real time;
– receiving remote technical assistance;
– connecting to the myTEXA portal;
– connecting with the KONFORT Mobile APP.
The Bluetooth module also allows connecting the stations with several accessories, such as the A/C

efficiency kit. The stations are also equipped with a practical USB port, which can be used to back up the reports of the services performed and the entire system.


This station works with the R1234yf refrigerant. Essential and simple to operate, it nevertheless incorporates all the latest design solutions. Its main features: a dryer filter that allows performing up to 300 maintenance services; scale locking system; alphanumeric keyboard; 4 castor wheels; and a maintenance log with data on all services completed. It is also available in the OFF-ROAD version.


This station works with the R1234yf refrigerant. Although it is a basic model, it offers a series of key functions that feature the KONFORT 700 Series, including automatic leak detection, refrigerant check with electronic scale, automatic timed oil and UV tracer injection, and high efficiency refrigerant recovery (over 95%).

It is a mid-range model which boasts the typical technical features of the top-range models such as the automatic maintenance service management and the measuring of the amount of oil recovered with an electronic scale. It can be purchased in the R134a or R1234yf version.





NP 01 is a new generation tool that is used for the periodic technical checks on compression-ignition vehicles in some European countries.

More specifically, it is a particle counter developed using a DC (Diffusion Charging) sensor to measure the particles emitted from the engines within a size range between 23 and 200 nm.

The high-efficiency DC technology allows reaching high measuring standards and makes this device suitable for any need in inspection centres.

Robust and vibration-resistant, NP 01 integrates a 5” touch screen display for a fast management by the user and a Wi-Fi interface to communicate with the viewer software. NP 01 is already arranged to run tests on spark-ignition engines, the next step for this type of checks.

Available in two versions: compliant with the requirements of the Dutch regulation and German regulation.



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