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IDC5 CAR 72 includes the update of 65 makes. New diagnostic systems have been developed for these makes, which have never been released previously, and involve over 950 models. More than 1400 diagnostic systems have been developed involving over 300 systems. The work of TEXA’s technical developers also led to further increasing the coverage of ADAS, electric and hybrid vehicles and TPMS.
IDC5 CAR 72 also includes the new features released through the continuous updates 71.1 and 71.2 and is characterised by over 22,000 new possible selections for the major makes on the market worldwide, among which: AUDI, BENTLEY, BMW, BUGATTI, CADILLAC, CHEVROLET, CHRYSLER, CITROËN, DAIHATSU, DODGE, DS, FERRARI, FIAT, FORD, GENESIS, GMC, HOLDEN, HONDA, HYUNDAI, JAGUAR, JEEP, KIA, LAMBORGHINI, LAND ROVER, LEXUS, LINCOLN, MASERATI, MAZDA, MERCEDES-BENZ, MERCURY FORD, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, OPEL, PEUGEOT, PORSCHE, RENAULT, SEAT, SKODA, SUZUKI, TOYOTA, VOLKSWAGEN, VOLVO.
Technical Support and Advanced Assistance
Starting from the CAR 72 update, the functions connected with Technical Support have been enhanced and made more usable thanks to an easier access and a more intuitive consultation menu.
To use these features, simply click on the new icon in the upper IDC5 bar located near the Home icon. From here you can access the “Technical Support” screen directly; you will find the information needed to ask for assistance such as “Software license holder” and “Key ID”. Directly beneath there are 3 buttons to contact the Call Center by phone, request Advanced Assistance and view the Diagnostic coverage list that is constantly updated.

By clicking on Advanced Assistance workshops can request immediate Remote Assistance on their diagnostic tools, see the Solved Problems database or use iSupport.
A fourth button located at the bottom of the screen allows viewing your TEXA ID and using it to access myTEXA, the portal that contains your personal information, the situation of your tools, the status of your subscriptions and accessing the reserved area DOWNLOAD MANAGER directly.
By selecting Connected to the network you can access some functions the purpose of which is to make it easier to connect your TEXA diagnostic tool to the Internet.
The software guides the user through the configuration menus available in the Operating System in order to configure your Workshop network or Smartphone so to allow TEXA’s software programs to communicate with the Internet.

NOTE: To be able to use the above mentioned functions, you must have an active 
subscription and verify, with your official TEXA distributor, if the service is available in your country.




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