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The new diagnostic features included in the IDC5 TRUCK update 46.0.0 allow working on a large number of vehicles that belong to makes of the most popular manufacturers. The work TEXA’s developers carried out on industrial vehicles, light commercial vehicles and buses guarantees all mechanics the opportunity to use diagnostic tools that are always updated and state-of-the-art, to operate successfully on the vast majority of vehicles on the road. The TRUCK update 46.0.0 also offers new, very useful Wiring Diagrams and new DASHBOARDs. In particular, the latter will be available in the activation and adjustment procedures.

New “dynamic” dashboards were developed in the adjustment and activation procedures, with the graphical display of the parameters involved.

The possibility was added to use a single cable for all diagnoses that can be carried out on Deutsch connectors, choosing between the following: 3151/T16 (old cable) and OBD-DEUTSCH 9 pin “Type II” adapter (new cable), therefore making the process immediate.



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