TEXA is world leader in TRUCK diagnostics with an unrivalled range of products. The NAVIGATOR TXT MULTIHUB is a powerful diagnostic interface that can connect over a Bluetooth link to a PC with AXONE NEMO LIGHT or to the extraordinary AXONE VOICE or AXONE PLUS, the most advanced and complete display unit currently available.

A/C Diagnostics and recharging

The KONFORT range of A/C recharge and maintenance stations offers the perfect solution for all vehicle workshops. It is no coincidence that these stations set the standard for A/C servicing around the world.

The KONFORT range includes dedicated stations for R134a refrigerant (the 705R, the 705R OFF ROAD and 710R), dedicated stations for R1234yf refrigerant (the 707R), and stations that can work with both, with the addition of a retrofit conversion kit (the 720R and 760R also available in TOUCH version).
The 760R BUS and 760 BUS TOUCH is specially designed for use with larger A/C systems, like those found on buses and specialist vehicles.

The 780R and 780 TOUCH even have two separate circuits to let you work with both types of refrigerant at the same time.

Engine cleaning

H2 BLASTER, is the new tool developed by TEXA that, using the combined power of hydrogen and oxygen, cleans the parts involved in the internal combustion process completely and restores the engine’s optimal performance, at the same reducing consumptions and harmful emissions.

H2 BLASTER is equipped with a series of operator safety control devices, that guarantee a highly performing treatment, managing efficiently any possible failure.


In this field, TEXA offers an innovative and highly professional solution that works on vehicles, trucks, camper vans and boats.  Its use is particularly efficient even for sanitising small and average sized environments such as hotel rooms, bars, waiting rooms, offices and indoor spaces in general.


TEXA offers a complete range of extremely accurate and robust tools for exhaust gas analysis. GASBOX and OPABOX are TEXA’s exhaust gas analysers for petrol and diesel engines respectively and incorporate TEXA’s own unique and extremely accurate analysis chambers.

For engine speed and temperature measurements, TEXA offers the extremely complete RC3 tool.


UNIProbe and TwinProbe are two devices for taking the analog and digital measurements needed for conventional diagnostic tests. UNIProbe is the more complete and advanced of the two, and incorporates six different tools in the one unit. TwinProbe is the more economical device and combines the practicality of a wireless tool with the professionalism of UNIProbe. TwinProbe consists of a 2-channel oscilloscope and a signal generator. Both tools can dialogue with all TEXA display units and with any PC without the need for cables thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology, leaving you completely free to move around.


Tyre pressure monitoring represents a very important element connected to road safety.

TPS2 is the device specifically developed to meet all the needs of tyre specialists.

Remote diagnosis

The evolution of remote diagnosis for heavy duty trucks